Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What is all this retardedry?


Ladies and Gentlemen, you've managed to stumble on something very, very dumb.  This is an "art" blog.  Blogs alone are dumb enough as they are -thousands of bored, self-important bastards scrounging and yelling for attention over their half-formed opinions.  Screeching voices and terrible grammar thrown over a template page like spaghetti over a garishly colored wall.  There are endless adornments of pop-icons and scarface posters for reasons unknown.  Terrible, terrible things.  "Artists" are even worse.  They are a self-righteous bunch of psychotic bastards who'll betray you for a split-moment of inspiration that allows them to generate endless amounts of poorly rendered crap.  (That's the worst part -the can ruin something all by themselves, no need for outside sources)  They take great pride in exposing themselves like Viagra-ridden old codgers to lovely-buxomed ladies in darker allies.  Disgusting, horrible creatures, artists are, and they should all be locked in a box and thrown into the crushing depths of the bloodied sea so they can turn into fossil fuel and be of marginal use one day.  No one wants to see their dumb pictures and no one cares about their dumb opinions.  Certainly, there are good artists, but they are a golden nugget amongst a cave of crap nuggets in the crap mine in crappsylvania.

WELP!  I, unfortunately, belong to this division of perverse S.O.B.'s.  An artist, -crappy or otherwise.  And this is my toilet.  A grand landfill dedicated to my toils, opinions, and blatant idiocy.  In the coming days, a veritable torrent of diarrhea and creative shittery will fall from the very skies.  Enjoy.  You might find something golden.

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