Thursday, February 10, 2011


Mickey Mouse will fucking end you.

 Me playing around with digital colors again.  Testing out how my line quality tends to translate on my scanner. (jaggy.)   Nothing serious.  I got really bored around the legs, which is why they are crap.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Yeah, I couldn't come up with a name for this one

Another piece I feel like sharing.  As far as composition and use of negative space goes, I feel like this is my strongest piece.  Done entirely in graphite, with liberal use of the 8B pencil (mmm-mmm)  I snapped a pic of this with my HTC  phone and fiddled with it in photoshop to get the contrasts right.  Mostly.

The shading on the left-most girl's shoulder doesn't have as smooth as a transition as it needs to.  I was probably rushing it with my tortillion on that part. The bottom-girl's lips is the one thing that I think is holding back this picture the most.  In a drawing where the lips are the only part of the face you really see, it's very important to get that right (That and getting a girl's lips wrong is a downright fucking sin in my eyes.), so I was pretty dissappointed when I couldn't nail that part down.

But here it is.  Enjoy my friends.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tech Mermaid

This is me coloring.  Specifically trying to figure out how the hell color schemes work.  Linework was done in pencil (which my skanner always picks up as looking like crap.)  Colors in photoshop on on Intuos4.  It's not as crappy as it could be, but it could be a helluva lot better.  I skipped over texture work and just focused on color placement and simple color grades.  Also: Whenever you work on a humanoid figure ALWAYS DO THE FACE FIRST OR RISK SERIOUS WONKINESS.  I also got extremely lazy towards the end of the tail.

All that aside, she kinda looks like Splashwoman from Megaman, huh?


Here's the background image for those who would like to see it unobstructed.  Graphite only, done over a few days.  I like the ash effect.  Boobs look wonky, some of the shading could be more subtle, and I didn't know exactly what to do with her hair...thing.

Painter experiment

This one is some months old.  It was me experimenting with Painter X and testing out my wacom intuos.  I'm still by and large a tradition artist, I just haven't had an idea that I could properly do completely digital.  Mostly because I'm still crap in colors.  For this I wanted to go for an Andrew Jones vibe, who was the head concept artist for the fabulous Metroid Prime series.  Honestly, go look at his stuff, total art boners everywhere.

I like the general composition and overall Tron-ness of the pic, and I'd like to expand upon the ideas introduced here.

If you haven't noticed yet, I like fucking around with sharp negative spaces, especially around the head area.  I don't know why.  I just loooove doing that.
Good morning imaginary audience.

What you see here is another stretching-my-legs piece.  It was done prior to the headress picture.  It was late at night when I started on this, and came out looking pretty fluid.  Finished somewhere around 2 or 3 in the morning.  The jaw looks a little too sharp for my tastes, and her head spike whatevers look just a tad to solid for me.  All the same, I figure it deserves to be shown.

Anyone ever play Epic Mickey?  Well, it's a Wii game for those interested.  Platforming fun that didn't take the craziness as far as it could, but a game with some solid fun, and interesting ideas proposed.  Anyhow, in the game you  get to fight a robotic captain hook, which is absolutely FUCKING BADASS!  So I drew him in pen and screwed around with it in photoshop.  The lines aren't nearly as clean as they could be, making it alot sloppier than my normal standard, but I liked the construction of the guy.  He may be worth a visit in the future with some added color.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Trying to Remember

This image was fun to make.  It was done over the course of two nights, so the hour count was forgotten.  It's main purpose was to help me get into the groove of things, and practice with mediums that I had grown rusty with.  I worked with pens, watercolors, and watercolor pencils.  The end product was something slightly different from what I had in mind at first.  The reference image was of very fetching young lady in a maid outfit tailor-made for maximum bonerocity.  I intended to build on the idea of the maid's frill, adding a sharper silhouette to it.  However, through a combination of a loose sketching process, and some fun coloring, it ended up with a heavier Native-American headdress vibe, which I like.  This piece is pretty big, so I had to take a camera pic, so it's hard to clean it up as much as I'd like to.  It obviously has it's problems.  There's uneveness in some of the line weights, and the coloring itself is iffy.  But, I'm not too unhappy with this.

What is all this retardedry?


Ladies and Gentlemen, you've managed to stumble on something very, very dumb.  This is an "art" blog.  Blogs alone are dumb enough as they are -thousands of bored, self-important bastards scrounging and yelling for attention over their half-formed opinions.  Screeching voices and terrible grammar thrown over a template page like spaghetti over a garishly colored wall.  There are endless adornments of pop-icons and scarface posters for reasons unknown.  Terrible, terrible things.  "Artists" are even worse.  They are a self-righteous bunch of psychotic bastards who'll betray you for a split-moment of inspiration that allows them to generate endless amounts of poorly rendered crap.  (That's the worst part -the can ruin something all by themselves, no need for outside sources)  They take great pride in exposing themselves like Viagra-ridden old codgers to lovely-buxomed ladies in darker allies.  Disgusting, horrible creatures, artists are, and they should all be locked in a box and thrown into the crushing depths of the bloodied sea so they can turn into fossil fuel and be of marginal use one day.  No one wants to see their dumb pictures and no one cares about their dumb opinions.  Certainly, there are good artists, but they are a golden nugget amongst a cave of crap nuggets in the crap mine in crappsylvania.

WELP!  I, unfortunately, belong to this division of perverse S.O.B.'s.  An artist, -crappy or otherwise.  And this is my toilet.  A grand landfill dedicated to my toils, opinions, and blatant idiocy.  In the coming days, a veritable torrent of diarrhea and creative shittery will fall from the very skies.  Enjoy.  You might find something golden.