Thursday, February 3, 2011

Good morning imaginary audience.

What you see here is another stretching-my-legs piece.  It was done prior to the headress picture.  It was late at night when I started on this, and came out looking pretty fluid.  Finished somewhere around 2 or 3 in the morning.  The jaw looks a little too sharp for my tastes, and her head spike whatevers look just a tad to solid for me.  All the same, I figure it deserves to be shown.

Anyone ever play Epic Mickey?  Well, it's a Wii game for those interested.  Platforming fun that didn't take the craziness as far as it could, but a game with some solid fun, and interesting ideas proposed.  Anyhow, in the game you  get to fight a robotic captain hook, which is absolutely FUCKING BADASS!  So I drew him in pen and screwed around with it in photoshop.  The lines aren't nearly as clean as they could be, making it alot sloppier than my normal standard, but I liked the construction of the guy.  He may be worth a visit in the future with some added color.


  1. These are pretty neat, could use some touching up though.
    Following :)

  2. Oh yeah. The top pic was taken with a camera as it's too big for my scanner, and the lighting was pretty crap.